What is the MORE PARK® System?.

The MORE PARK® System is a Modular, Demountable single story steel and concrete parking structure. The MORE PARK® System installs over your new or existing asphalt or concrete surface parking lot in just a few weeks with limited disruption versus the months to a year-or-more it takes to build a conventional structure, gaining you year-or-more of time and parking revenue.

The MORE PARK® System is the lowest-cost parking deck available in india. it is completely demountable and can be used either in a permanent or semi-permanent manner, but can be dismantled and transported to another site and reused an unlimited number of times. When demounted, it leaves your site with a clean undisturbed footprint, ready for future development

About Parkmore Pvt. Ltd.

Parkmore Pvt Ltd is a is a privately held Company promoted by professionals with extensive experience in construction industry dedicated to providing parking solutions to private developers, educational institutions, government agencies and individuals looking for solutions to inadequate onsite parking at their place of business.

The MORE PARK® System is a patent-pending, foundationless, permanent to semi-permanent single story steel and precast parking structure.


Key Points of MORE PARK®

The Live And Dead Loads Are Transferred Into The Existing Soil Through A Specially Designed Base Plate To Accommodate Existing Conditions Like Uneven Surfaces And Drainage Slope.
The Steel Structure Which Is Bolted To The Columns Creates A Perfectly Square 5m X 5m Square Grid. This Grid Simplifies The Concrete Installation And Gives A Uniform Look From Under The Deck, While Providing A Built In Drainage System.
The MORE PARK® System Is The Least Disruptive Means To Build A Parking Structure To The Local Environment Available On The Market Today.
From Its Flexible Design, Numerous Options And Fast Installation, To The Low Cost-Per-Space For A Turn-Key System, The MORE PARK® System Solves Parking Problems Efficiently. It Does Not Require Operators. Power Or Maintenance Of Hydraulic Parts.

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