Options are Available for The MORE PARK® System

Many options are available to make The MORE PARK® System meet your desired look-and-feel, or to comply with local building ordinances. Some of these could include:
  • Precast façades with many finishes from aggregate, sandblasted, or brick veneers
  • Custom ornamental metal facades, aluminum grating, louvers, or any desired architectural feature or material
  • Custom stairs, pan type with concrete infill, diamond plate treads or any other style, ferrous or non-ferrous
  • Escalators or elevators for vertical access
  • Bridges to link decks to buildings or other parking decks
  • Finish paint of the entire structure and underside of precast deck to your desired color
  • Colorgalv, powder coated galvanized steel to any color
  • Custom lighting to specific requirements, top deck high-mast lighting, and security camera equipment
  • Parking equipment like barriers, ticket spitters, meters, cell phone equipment – the options are limitless
  • Custom signage is available to dress up your parking structure
  • Solar panel shed and water harvesting.
No matter what the customization, MORE PARK® Sytem stands ready to meet your specific needs.