What is the construction process of the MORE PARK® System

Geotechnical information is obtained by site boring to confirm the soil bearing capacity and verify the pavement section. Once the geotechnical verification is complete, your surface lot is prepared for the MORE PARK® system installation by performing a survey where layout of the column locations is performed. The survey exposes existing slopes and grades and gives a precise grid and elevations for the columns to be installed.
Trucks arrive at the site loaded with steel columns, beams and bracing. solid precast planks (2 per module) are delivered, unloaded and staged. The modular steel structure is bolted together into frames or modules, plumbed and braced to the desired elevation.
Precast plank decks are dropped into place and mechanically attached to the steel structureor slabs cast in situ over deck sheets.. The decks are sloped to predetermined drainage patterns which are set by the steel elevations and a PVC water collection system is attached and plumbed into your existing storm water management system. A precast ramp is constructed to meet your site requirements and desired level of service (LOS), stairs and handrails are erected, and the façade is attached around the perimeter.
The waterproofing is installed, a crash barrier is attached around the entire inside perimeter and down the ramps for crash protection and lighting is installed to your specifications. Once the MORE PARK® System is completely installed, the upper deck is striped, signage is added and parking controls are installed.
Depending on your site it may be possible to phase the installation so that a portion of your parking remains in service during erection of The MORE PARK® system, saving you money, and your patrons unnecessary aggravation. Just a few short weeks after erection began you are ready to use the parking.