In Brief

The MORE PARK® System uses a simple design where adjustable columns are pinned to your existing asphalt or concrete parking lot in a herringbone pattern resulting in parking spaces of either 2.5m x 5m
The live and dead loads are transferred into the existing soil through a specially designed base plate to accommodate existing conditions like uneven surfaces and drainage slope. The adjustable columns can accommodate gentle and even dramatic elevation changes across the lot and can fit almost any site condition.
The steel structure which is bolted to the columns creates a perfectly square 5m x 5m square grid. This grid simplifies the precast plank installation and gives a uniform look from under the deck. Round rod “K” and “X” bracing is installed as required to meet your specific building code and seismic requirements. All bracing is out of the “door zone” of the car and permits unobstructed passage into and out of the vehicle.
Precast planks which form the upper deck system sit on top of the square steel framework of beams. Drainage is accommodated by setting the top of steel frame to predetermined elevations to create drainage flow on the precast deck into desired collection areas and piped into your existing storm water drainage systems on the surface lot.
Stairs, ramps or elevators are added for pedestrian access or pedestrian bridges can be fabricated and erected to link existing structures.