Environmentally Sensitive Site Benefits

Foundationless System

The foundationless system allows installation with minimal site impact eliminating extensive excavation and concrete pours, noise, dust and disruption to surrounding areas.
The foundationless system allows installation on top of your existing asphalt or concrete surface lot, no piers, no drilling, no soil disturbance where contaminated material is suspected or known to exist.
Once a cleanup is desired for the site, or another alternative use for the site, the MORE PARK® System can be disassembled and moved to another site you own, sold, or simply recycled.

Minimal Site Impact

The MORE PARK® System is the least disruptive means to build a parking structure to the local environment available on the market today. Additionally, the MORE PARK® System is the most carbon-friendly approach to constructing a parking facility, and as a result hundreds of “More Park like” structures are installed throughout Europe.
Compare the negative impact to the local environment of having several huge pieces of construction equipment, hundreds of truck deliveries, and dozens of construction workers driving to work each day for 6-18 months while a cast-in-place garage is built. By comparison, the MORE PARK® System is trucked to site and erected with a couple of forklifts and small hand tools, and a small crew over a period of a few weeks, its an easy environmental decision.

Articles Referencing Steel and Concrete Sustainability

Below are a few links to articles outlining the contributions both steel and precast make to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System.
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